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How do we work?

Steady Eddie's Landscaping is aware that your garden is one of your assets and when done well, will add value to your home. When you let us take care of your landscaping and garden maintenance needs, your garden will not only add an appeal to your home, but will make you feel relaxed as you enjoy your newly landscaped yard. You can invariably rely on our skilled designers to  produce an amazing garden, you will surely be proud of. We will make it both beautiful and functional. Whether you require a whole new landscaping job completed, from new lawns and garden beds, decking and paving to clothesline installation, we will do it for you.

As a professional Construction Landscaper, Steady Eddie's Landscaping has plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to your landscaping needs. No matter how small or big your yard is, we will make your dream garden a reality. Your ideas and suggestions are much appreciated as we construct your desired garden. Rest assured that your outdoor space will look professional and beautiful as it did in your mind.

If you consider Steady Eddie's Landscaping, we ensure that your project will be done on time and within our agreed budget.

Discuss your thoughts and overall vison with us, and we will prepare a plan for your desired garden. We take pride in providing best in class service and an extremely high standard in workmanship and quality.


"Thanks heaps Will, really appreciate it. Cheers Eddie" Business' response to William: "fantastic service" Posted: 30 Mar 2014

- External Feedback from Anton Cranham